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Alexander Karagiozov

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Alexander Karagiozov is a 28 year old bulgarian artist and entrepreneur based in London, UK with about 100 projects in the fields of music, tv, education and management.

Alexander specialized orchestral & choral conducting at the National Academy of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2013. Works as composer for additional music at the composer complex of bulgarian film composer George Strezov.

Aged 21, he becomes Yordan Kamdzhalov’s assistant conductor for his concerts in Bulgaria and Europe. A year later he is appointed orchestra manager of the international GENESIS ORCHESTRA and is invited to take the positions of music diretor, artistic consultant and singer-soloist of the innovative vocal ensemble of Music Laboratory for the Human Self.

Has attended masterclasses in composition and conducting by Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard, Eric Whitacre, Jacob Collier, Yordan Kamdzhalov, Mark Shapiro, Daniel Felsenfeld, Mike Verta, Christopher Young, Finneas and others.

In 2021 attends The Juilliard’s School, NY summer intensive programs in piano, conducting and composition as well as courses at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, located in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles.

As soloist of the MLHS ensemble, he has performed at the Golden Hall of Vienna, “Muzikferein”, the Ancient Amphitheatre Plovdiv, Arena Armeec Bulgaria, Hall 1 in NDK, Bulgaria Hall, and others.

Appointed Regional Brand Ambassador at Mindvalley in 2021.

Appointed Board member of Wonder Stories Foundation in 2021.

He has worked on many projects spanning film, live performances or digital releases, among which “GUARD”, “Khan & Empire”, “Father’s Prayer”, “Etudes of the Future”, “Die Geschihte Der Menschheit-leicht gekuerzt”, Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choirs V “Deep Field” & VI “Sing Gently” and others.

Founder of The Alexander Foundation in 2022.

Nominated by Forbs Bulgaria for 30 under 30 in 2022.

Nominated by JCI Bulgaria as One of The Most Outstanding Young People (TOYP) for 2023.


“Alex, this is genius…” (Regarding Alexander’s music piece from 2018 called “I Am”).

Lisa Gerrard

Composer, Instrumentalist, Golden Globe Winner

“Alex is extraordinary….” (Referring to Alex on several occasions in the period 2018-2020)

Yordan Kamdzhalov

Conductor, ECHO Klassik, 2017

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John Powell
Mike Verta
Christopher Young
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