In 2013 Alexander specializes orchestral and choral conducting at the National Academy of Music “Proff. Patcho Vladigerov” in Sofia, Bulgaria in the classes of Proff. Plamen Djurov and Proff. Dr. Adriana Blagoeva. He conducts concerts with the Academy Orchestra and Choir with great success. At the academy he also studies composition and music harmony in great depth and is allowed to join the more advanced upper classes.

In 2013 he is invited to write the film music for several short-length movies by renowned Bulgarian composer George Strezov (“Durvoto na Zhivota”, “Shibil” and others) and is present at orchestra recordings of trailer music and samples commissioned by leading Hollywood composers and organized by Strezov Sampling and Four For Music.  

In 2016, aged 21 he is approached by Yordan Kamdzhalov (“Echo Klassik” 2017) and invited to become his assistant conductor for his concerts around in Bulgaria and Europe. A year later is invited to take the positions of orchestra manager of the international GENESIS ORCHESTRA and music director, artistic consultant and singer-soloist of the innovative vocal ensemble Music Laboratory for the Human Self. During these years Alexander is responsible for selection of the orchestra’s and ensemble’s members, maintaining and developing their social media presence, communicating on various different levels related to the organization of the platforms and being part of the overall artistic vision of both the orchestra and ensemble. 

Between 2016 – 2020 he attends masterclasses in composition, conducting and singing from leading names such as Hans Zimmer (Oscar, “Interstellar”), Lisa Gerrard (Golden Globe, “Gladiator”), Eric Whitacre (Grammy, “Lux Aurumque”), Danny Elfman, Jacob Collier (9 Grammys), Yordan Kamdzhalov (Echo Klassik 2017), Mark Shapiro (Juilliard Faculty), Mike Verta, Christopher Young, John Powell, Finneas and others.

In 2018 he works closely with Yordan Kamdzhalov and Lisa Gerrard on the Gorecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs (No 2) and VEHADI concert and later CD released globally. The same year he also writes the music for the conceptual exhibition “STRAZHA”, under the high patronage of the President of Republic Bulgaria – gen. Rumen Radev.

He performes on stages around Europe with artists such as Lisa Gerrard, Ennio Morricone, Eric Whitacre, Yordan Kamdzhalov and others, in halls such as The Golden Hall of Vienna, Muzikferein, Arena Armeec, Hall 1 in NDK, Bulgaria Hall, Sofia and The Ancient Theatre Plovdiv. 

In 2020 due to his various ranging interests, he studies Suggestopedagogy with Dr. Vanina Boudurova (Dr. Lozanov Foundation) and attends sessions, workshops and lectures on the subjects of psychology, neurology, psychotherapy and logo therapy.

In 2021 Alexander becomes Mindvalley Regional Ambassador and is invited to become a board member at Wonder Stories Foundation (Sofia, Bulgaria). Later in 2021 he is accepted in The Juilliard’s School, NY Summer Intensive Programs in Conducting, Composition and Piano. Later this year he also attends The American Academy of Dramatic Arts’s 5-Week Summer Acting Program. 

In august 2021 he is accepted with several scholarships as a full time student at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. Similar to his experience at the National Academy of Music 8 years before, he is quickly transferred to the advanced section at the Academy. 

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Alexander Karagiozov

2022 – Freelance
2021 – 2022 Mindvalley Regional Ambassador
2020 – Board member of Wonder Stories Foundation
2019 – Founder & CEO Alexander Karagiozov
2016 – 2019 Yordan Kamdzhalov assistant conductor
2016 – 2019 Yordan Kamdzhalov executive and creative assistant
2018 – 2019 Roerich Innovative School music teacher
2017 – 2018 Genesis Orchestra Manager
2017 – 2018 Music Laboratory for the Human Self Ensemble Music Director
2016 – 2018 Music Laboratory for the Human Self Ensemble Singer Soloist
2016 – 2018 Music Laboratory for the Human Self Choir Singer
2017 – 2018 Music Teacher at Roerich Innovative School
2013 – 2018 Freelance Film Composer
2013 – 2015 George Strezov composer assistant


2013 – Museum “Earth and the People” – Beneficiary award for composition

2018 – Hans Zimmer Composition Masterclass
2018 – Lisa Gerrard Performing Masterclass
2020 – Yordan Kamdzhalov Conducting Masterclass
2021 – Jacob Collier Composition Masterclass
2020 – Ashton Gleckman Composition Masterclass
2018 – Mike Verta Composition Masterclass
2020 – Eric Whitacre Conducting Masterclass
2016 – Christopher Young Composition Masterclass
2021 – Finneas Production Masterclass
2020 – Danny Elfman Composition Masterclass
2020 – John Powell Composition Masterclass

New Bulgarian University Public Speaking Course with Nayo Titzin
New Bulgarian University Acting Fundamentals Course with Eva Volitzer
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts Acting 5-Week Intensive
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts Business of Acting 5-Week Intensive with Adam Chambers
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts Movement 5-Week Intensive
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts Voice And Speech 5-Week Intensive
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts Audition Monologues 5-Week Intensive
The Juilliard School, NY Composition Intensive Course
The Juilliard School, NY Conducting Intensive Course
The Juilliard School, NY Piano Intensive Course
University of Westminster, London Entrepreneurship Courses
Foundation “Dr. Georgi Lozanov” Suggestopedy Training
Mindvalley Becoming Extraordinary Course by Vishen Lakhiani
Rewired Program by Dr. Joe Dispenza
Mindvalley The Uncompromised Life Course by Marisa Peer
Gaia Rewired Program by Dr. Joe Dispenza
Private Piano lessons 2000 – 2013
Private Solfeggio Lessons 2012 – 2013
Private Music Theory and Harmony Lessons 2012 – 2013

2022 – Mindvalley University
2022 – Unleash The Power Within – Tony Robbins
2022 – Nu Boyana Film Studios Internship

2021 – The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Los Angeles
2021 – The Juilliard School, NY – Summer Intensives (Piano, Conducting, Composition)
2021 – The American Academy of Dramatic Arts 5-week summer acting intensive
2021 – University of Westminster, London, UK
2020 – Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK
2020 – New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria
2020 – Suggestopedy Intesive Training led by Vanina Boudurova from “Dr. Lozanov” Foundation
2018 – 2019 “Academia Musica” by Yordan Kamdzhalov Foundation 

2018 – 2022 – Proctor Gallagher Institute
2013 – 2016 – National Academy of Music “Proff. Pancho Vladigerov

Press and References:
Lisa Gerrard (Golden Globe): “Alex’s music is genius…” (referring to the soundtrack of “I Am” in 2018)
Yordan Kamdzhalov (ECHO Klassik Award 2017): “… Alex is extraordinary…” (referring to Alexander on several occations)

Has worked with names such as:
Lisa Gerrard, Eric Whitacre, Yordan Kamdzhalov, Ennio Morricone, George Strezov, Ljudmil Staykov, Plamen Plamenov Miryanov

External Links:–quot-Etyudi-na-badeshteto-quot-/232328/6/0!jig[1]/NG/507;CDT2Y1AdQ6xuS.bps.a.4635616369845996/4635634509844182/?type=3&eid=ARBfBwbRafb6AmlhbHvLWwGPeM7mxsS1Kep8vwN68PAeWLPrB7Y29NLVktrcSUJPK9YhgaZ7rQD0frSdСпектакълът-andquotТежък-случайandquot-се-завръща-eid3a08gj96ohоткъснати-цветя/вълча-сюита/–Etyudi-na-badeshteto-/231959/6/0изложба-за-себе-си-кирилъ-шиваровъ/многожанровата-изложба-artextreme-стража-ид/събитие/късометражни-филми-3-та-състезателна-програма-златна-роза-2022Спектакълът-andquotТежък-случайandquot-се-завръща-E2ISU6KGDC8

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